Welcome to the first Towerview Care Quiz

At Towerview Care we do not play for mere baubles or trophy’s, oh no we play for something far more precious!!

No, not gold rings either, we’re not hobbits.

We play for Honour and bragging rights obviously!  

So here’s the rules,  answer as many questions as you can and email the answers to marketing@towerviewcare.com before Monday 13th April @6pm. The winner will be announced on Facebook at 7pm, anyone can play, staff, families, friends of families, that strange person over there behind the advert for Wish yes you!

Everyone is welcome.

Have fun and don’t cheat!!

HERE We go

1)           What is the six weeks in the Church calendar leading up to Easter called?

2)           In which ocean is Easter Island?

3)           How many hot cross buns are in a baker’s dozen?

4)           Which Famous Rabbit has 3 sisters?

5)           What do we eat on Shrove Tuesday?

6)           In which Country is Krakow located?

7)           What is the capital city of Australia?

8)           Through which capital city does the Liffey River flow?

9)           Which is the largest desert on Earth?

10)         How many time zones are there in the world?

11)         Which animal’s name comes first in the dictionary?

12)         How many stomachs does a cow have?

13)         Into which sea does the Nile flow?

14)         No 617 squadron of the Royal Air Force is better known as the what?

15)         Pigs are used to sniff out which delicacy in some parts of France?

16)         What is the profession of Popeye?

17)         What is the name of the prison in the film the rock?

18)         What is the name of the Steven Spielberg’s black and white film about the second world war?

19)         In which European city can you find the home of Anne Frank?

20)         How many stars feature on the flag of New Zealand?

21)         Which country became the first to give women the vote in 1893?

22)         What were the names of the two wives henry the 8th executed –

23)         Who wrote Jungle Book?

24)         What is the name of the winged horse in Greek mythology?

25)         In which country did Shakespeare’s Hamlet live?

26)         What is Elvis Presley middle name?

27)         In which city was John Lennon Killed?

28)         Who was the Queen of Soul?

29)         Which British singer had a hit in 2006 with rehab?

30)         Before they were renamed with the ‘Cadbury’ branding in 1971, under which name had ‘creme eggs’ been available previously?

The following are anagrams of famous rabbits (and hares!) but can you identify which famous rabbits they are?

31)         The Rump?

32)         Nubby Guns

33)         Bribe Patter

34)         Teeny Sunbather

35)         Riot Grabber

Which films are these stills from?