Fiona Gilbert

Fiona Gilbert

An overview of our team and their roles

Hello, my name is Fiona Gilbert, and I am the Care Home Manager for Burton, Bridge and Trent Courts. I commenced my nurse training (RNLD) at the age of 18 and worked for the NHS for 20 years, within community settings, before moving to the private sector in 2005. I have worked as a children’s’ community nurse (LD), co-managing community services for children and young people who present as challenging.  Also, with young adults (LD/challenging respite and residential), adults (LD/forensic) and older adults, residential and nursing services over the years.

I have been working in older adult residential and nursing for the last 9 years, having had 14 years personal experience of a relative with vascular dementia and Alzheimers.

In my last position, I was tasked to commission a specialist expressive behaviour service, within an existing 60 bed dual registered home. It took 5 months to convert the service from 14 bedrooms to 10, with additional lounge spaces.  I have previously been a registered manager with CSCI, Ofsted and CQC.

My qualifications include, but not exclusively:

RNLD, ENB997/998, D33/34, NVQ4/RMA, Dip 5 L&M, UCB qualification in mentoring students, level 3 end of life care, level 2 dementia care, level 2 mental health, level 2 nutrition and hydration, level 2 health and safety, verification of death.

In my ‘down’ time, I enjoy, reading and spending time with my grown children and my grandchildren.  I have a dog called Oscar and 2 cats, Cornflake and Hugo.


Responsible for:

  • To be responsible as the Registered Manager for the day to day running of the home. Maintaining compliance of all statutory and mandatory requirements.
  • To provide person centered care in a safe, warm, friendly environment.
  • To promote a caring environment through high standards of professional practice which are conducive to the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual needs of people living at Towerview Care.
  • To ensure that each person receives the care appropriate to their individual needs.
  • To implement the requirements of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in accordance with the Care Standards Act 2000 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005.
  • To be responsible for all aspects of Human Resources to include recruitment, supervision, training and to report any potential disciplinary matters to the Managing Director. To carry out any investigation or disciplinary hearings with staff as they occur.
  • Ensure all areas follow Towerview Care Policies and Procedures.
  • To ensure monthly audits are completed with action plans in place should   the audit identify gaps in quality or compliance.
  • Overall operational responsibility of the service.
  • At all times to maintain the professional integrity of the home and represent its interests in any dealings with other bodies, groups or individuals.
  • To provide all relevant information and leaflets to prospective new referrals, make appointments and show them and their relatives around the home. 
  • To arrange and assess trial visits.
  • To carry out pre-admission assessments with the Matron and decide whether or not the   home is able to meet the needs of the referred person. To ensure fees are at the set level and any variation to be approved by the Managing Director.
  • To ensure that each new Lady or Gentleman receives a written copy of the “Terms and Conditions” of their placement and ensure that where appropriate, their representative or family understands them.
  • To ensure a person centered care plan is drawn up before admission of the new service user, then ensure the care plan is reviewed correctly each month or upon any changes making sure the service user and any significant other is involved.
  • To ensure that adequate arrangements for the introduction and reception of new person is made.
  • To ensure the highest standards of care are applied by staff.
  • To ensure staff are instrumental in the promotion of good mental and physical activities whether internal or external of the home and reflect the persons hobbies and recreations as well as supporting them in their health care needs.
  • To investigate complaints, take appropriate actions ensuring records are maintained.
  • To liaise and co-operate with CQC inspectors and inspections
  • To ensure that the emotional, physical, spiritual, medical and material needs of the people living at Towerview are recognised, assessed and met.
  • To support people in the taking of decisions in matters which affect their lifestyle.
  • To jointly produce an assessment of need of each person in conjunction with    the service user, relevant professional agencies and service users family. To develop a care plan this provides a satisfactory quality of life for that person. To ensure the plan of care is evaluated monthly and upon any change.
  • To promote relationships which enable each person to participate in social activities within the home and in the life of the local community to the maximum of their ability.
  • To ensure the provision of health care arrangements this may include the ordering, recording and where appropriate the administration of prescribed medication. To ensure the safe custody and safe administration of all medication in accordance with the Care Standards Act (2000) and relevant legislation.
  • To ensure prompt access to a GP, chiropodist, dentist and other health care professionals where required.
  • To ensure efficient running of the domestic character of the home which will include the following:

o        Planning menus

o        Ensuring all dietary needs are met.

o        Ensuring good standards of food presentation are maintained.

o        Ensuring supplies are ordered.

o        Ensuring good standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained.

  • Ensure the provision of care including that which may be provided by a competent and caring relative and which may include terminal care, under the direction of a GP and with the support of the primary care team.
  • To manage recruitment, appointment and deployment of care staff.
  • To ensure that there is good communication with and between staff and to arrange regular staff meetings in accordance with company policy.
  • To ensure that effective induction, supervision and assessment of staff is carried out and that training needs are identified and met.
  • To ensure that employment legislation is implemented.
  • To arrange staff rotas.
  • To uphold the homes Equal Opportunities policies and practices, thereby promoting fair and quality services to all.
  • To manage any malfunction of the heating, lighting, nurse call or emergency systems and ensure the security of the premises.
  • To ensure that fire regulations are complied with and advise the Managing Director of any areas of risk.
  • To ensure that the legislation and regulations concerning environmental health, infection control, building control, planning and health and safety are complied with, and to advise management accordingly where action is required.
  • To ensure that service users are, wherever possible, people are supported in retaining responsibility for their own money and financial arrangements.
  • To ensure that, where a person is assessed as not having capacity to manage their own financial affairs, that their money is handled properly and with upmost probity and that clear records are kept of all transactions according to company policy.