How We Support You

We encourage everyone to become part of our community

Individualised care plans

An individual care plan will be completed before moving in, we sit down with the person, their key worker and often a close relative, to work out a detailed personalised care plan. This sets out clearly what level of care is expected, it also enables us to explore their likes and dislikes.

It may be as simple as preferring to be called ‘Mrs McIver’ instead of ‘Isla’, or getting up at 8 am rather than 7.30am. These kind of details helps us get everything just right, and makes the transition to living at Towerview Care that much easier.

The care plan is tailored to the person and covers all aspects of their care, including:


We support and enable everyone to make this their home, through personalising their surroundings. It’s not just about bringing a few choice items with them, we want people to truly make this their home. We encourage this with decorations and furnishings to make their rooms as comfortable and familiar as possible. We aid everyone to bring personal mementos and furniture, as long as the layout gives us space to nurse in, we’ll do our best to make rooms as homely and familiar as possible.

Home from Home
Home from Home

Life stories

It’s not just the day-to-day things we like to find out about. Our person-centred approach also means we like to gather information about the persons background and past; their achievements and the big milestones in their life. A vital resource for us is their life story. This is hugely important information, especially for a person with dementia and we note down their likes and dislikes, interests, family background and history. It’s something we all enjoy and is a very effective way of connecting with the people we are caring for.

We take the time to talk to the person and their family, to learn about all the key events in their life, important moments and achievements. The life story enables us to strike up a conversation or trigger a reminiscence which can be invaluable in making the person feel included and valued. The benefits of life story work are immense but one marked change can be in understanding behaviour. Why do people behave the way they do is often difficult especially if their actions are hostile, aggressive and challenging for us. Our Psychologist, Fiona works with the people we support, their families and other professionals to find pathways to keeping relationships and communications open.

We can help people to touch base with who they are and improve self esteem and restore identity. Most importantly we listen to you and keep records so that even if someone new comes to support you they too will know your story.

Challenging behaviour is an unmet need, when we understand what that need is we can influence and minimise that behaviour and in some cases prevent it happening. Our life story work is very important and key to our person centred planning.

On a more practical level we also like to get a feel for how someone likes to spend their time; so we can try to reflect that in their daily life with us. Maybe it’s an early morning cup of tea in bed with the newspaper; or we might discover that afternoon detective shows are their secret indulgence!

Not just care needs

Our activity co-coordinator endeavour to accommodate a particular interest or talent. A love of singing may lead to the organising of an afternoon concert; a lifetime of breeding award-winning spaniels could result in regular visits from a dog and its owner. The more we get to know a person, the more we can make their lives active, fulfilling and still full of fun.

Events and Activities

We offer a wide range of activities some are organised group events; such as trips out or an entertainment of some kind. Others are ‘ad hoc’, individual outings for somebody – either because they have asked for one or perhaps we feel that they might benefit from a little time out of the house.

We employ a full time activities organiser who arranges a wide range of group and one to one activities and regular visits from various entertainers. Suitable activities will naturally vary between individuals and being part of a close-knit community means that activities will be tailored around each person and their particular tastes.

Additionally, people will often suggest or develop their own activity ideas to celebrate a special occasion or to mark significant event. Staff will work with our ladies and gentleman to develop the activities around a certain theme which are then planned over a number of days e.g. shopping or group craft projects.

We look to make sure that everybody’s interests are covered and we provide a wide range of events for everyone to take part in, both in groups or as individuals:

Hobbies and Interests

We encourage people to pursue their own interests on either an individual basis or in small groups. The garden is popular with our keen gardeners but we also run craft sessions, painting groups, knitting and sewing circles to name but a few.

Many people revisit hobbies that they may have pursued in the past. Some take up new pursuits that having that extra little bit of support around now make accessible. Families are often surprised by the new interests that our guests take up and the vitality they develop in their new home.

Nutrition and Food

At Towerview Care we understand the importance of good, nutritious food.

Meal times are an important part of everyone’s day – and it is no different for the people we support. Just like at home, we make sure there is choice, to eat together in a family environment, or alone if they prefer.

Our Head Chef has developed our own varied restaurant-style dining menu, with meals to suit everyone. With specialist nutritionist and dietitian input we provide healthy meals to suit all tastes and preferences, including allergies, smaller meals packed with energy for those that require them. We offer home-from-home classics and special dietary requirements so there really is something for everyone.

Our meals don’t just taste great, they look good and are packed with specialist nutrition, helping everyone to eat healthy whatever their circumstances.

Throughout the day, tea, coffee and soft drinks and snacks are readily available, as well as our snack cart which also encourages people to make choices, helps with dexterity and promotes memories. You can request an alternative or a lite bite and snacks are available at all times.

Our Environmental Health Rating

We achieved a 3 star rating, but our team are not content with this they have requested a further visit to show their commitment to improving and maintaining excellent food health and hygiene at both our homes.

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