Key Facts

When to move; is it the right time?

Every day our team meets families and individuals looking for care.  We understand how this can be an emotional time and knowing the cost of a potential care home and any funding you are entitled to early in the process can help. 

You or your relative might need to move to one of our homes for a number of reasons, the needs that require care might have increased due to a progression in a medical, physical or emotional need. It might be because the family or carer is no longer able to provide the right kind of support the person, whatever the reason, moving can be really difficult, practically and emotionally, for everyone involved.

For a successful move we have found that involving the person right from the start is vita. We understand that it is hard for family and carers but in our experience if they are positive about the move, about the benefits to the person and making sure they have a say in the choices made the person is far more likely, to settle quickly into their new home and make friends.

What services do we provide?

We are not a mainstream care home and we are unique to our area. Our highly trained and experienced care team provide specialist care for people with complex and challenging needs. 

We have a reputation for providing the highest quality care and we have maintained this by treating each person as an individual.  Here we support the whole person with particularly attention to physical, spiritual and social needs, with both reassurance and support.

We provide care and support in a residential setting for:


Complex and Challenging behaviours

Mental Health

End of Life Care

How much does this cost?

Paying for care home fees on behalf of a loved one can seem like a daunting expense and an extra stress on top of caring for your loved one. The worrying task of organising payments and funding can be helped by finding out the facts to reduce this huge sense of stress.

We want to make it as easy and transparent as possible up front so you know what you will and will not have to pay. At Towerview Care we do not offer a dizzying array of care packages, we have kept it simple and easy. Our fees include 24 hour care, meals, activities, cleaning, laundry, etc.

Our fee ranges from £1,500 to £2,000 per week excluding 1:1 and personal expenditure based on needs and level of support required. These fees are reviewed annually as part of the annual care review.

What is Personal Expenditure:

Professional hairdressing

Magazines and Newspapers for personal reading

Personal purchases such as fresh flowers for personal rooms, stationery, confectionery, alcoholic beverages, particular snacks and toiletries

Clothing, shoes and slippers

Dry cleaning

Paying for Care

There are several ways that payment is made, Full Local Authority Funding, Split Funding and Self-funding/private funders.

We can support you to contact your local Authority or NHS (CCG) funders to access funding. The process can take time and we will not be able to agree a date for you to move in until we have confirmation of funding.

Split funding between (NHS) CCG and LA: The local authority will determine what contributions are to be made by the person or their estate, this is known as a top up.

Full LA funding; the LA will determine what is to be contributed towards the costs i.e. Pension, estate contribution.

To find out if you are eligible for Self-funding please click here to see what the NHS self-funding page. 

Local Authority carry out an assessment of need as well as a financial assessment.  Based on this assessment will determine who and at what level funding will be provided and detail of any contributions to be made by the person or their estate. 

To see our terms and conditions for private funders please click here

To read our Deed of Third Party Contribution Agreement please click here

To see our Care Placement Agreement please click here

Contact our team today to discuss our fees and funding further on 01283 512915