Our Team

An overview of our team and their roles

At Towerview Care, we pride ourselves on having a highly motivated, professional approach to working age and older adults. Our incredible team comprises of Directors, Senior Management, Operations and support function teams. All of whom go above and beyond every single day to make sure we provide the very best care we can.

Each member of our friendly team possesses a high level of expertise and knowledge which is consistently enhanced by our training and development programs. This includes training in dementia care and person-centred planning in line with current dementia-related research and guidelines.

How our homes are staffed

There is a  nurse on shift 24 hours per day supported by a skilled team of senior support workers and support workers.  These numbers vary on the number of people residing in the home and their level of need.

Additional clinical support is provided by:

Our Matron, our Clinical Psychology team, Occupational therapist and GP.  We also have a highly skilled Support services team which is made up of  Maintenance, Kitchen, housekeeping and admin teams.

 Meet Our Superhero Teams

If you would like to join the Towerview Care team simply click here to see what vacancies we have available.