Who We Support

We care for those with complex, challenging, mental, physical and emotional needs

Who We Support

Our approach to providing care, is a holistic one, we look after the whole person; their emotional, social and care needs. We believe in celebrating life to the full and focusing on what individuals can do, rather than what they can’t.

Making our home your home

We support people who require nursing and or personal care, their needs may stem from a number of conditions, including:

Towerview Care is not a mainstream care home and we are unique to our area.  We have a highly trained multidisciplinary team who deliver clinical services such as; enhanced GP, Psychiatry, Psychology, occupational therapy, Chiropody, Optometry and nursing. This is provided within a therapeutic environment that is personal to each individual.

We also have close links with local community and hospital services such as dental services and the Community Psychiatric and District nurses.    

At Towerview Care, we pride ourselves on providing modern, innovative and forward thinking high quality care.

The management of our homes is thoroughly modern and professional, our policies of openness and respect permeate through all our actions. We encourage everyone who lives here and or their loved ones to express their opinions, suggestions, complements, concerns or complaints. We take all comments seriously and use this feedback as a way of monitoring and improving standards. This openness is a core part of our approach, we are there to provide a service to the people living here and their needs must come first.

We work closely with governing bodies, to ensure that quality standards are maintained and we listen to advice, and constantly strive to improve on the services we provide. To see our CQC report please click here.

To see our Homes please click here  or to speak to our registered manager Carla Adams please click here 

All reports of dissatisfaction with our service are treated seriously and dealt with quickly and efficiently, to attain a satisfactory resolution. We also reflect and learn from these experiences.